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Emotions =E- motional transformation

Energize with Emotions

Energize with Emotions

Each of the 5 seasons/Movements/ Elements has an emotional quality that either compromises or enhances our health. Listen to each of the Journeys, follow the guiding steps, repeat the affirmations and both your sub and conscious mind will be tuned to use emotions instead of them using you.


                               Emotion- F E A R = F alse E xperience A bandon R eality or       F_ _ _   E verything A nd R un


Emotion-A N G E R = A bsolute N o G ives E nergy R age


                                                 Emotion- C H A O S = C areless H eat A bandon O rder S corched /(S eparate)

Autumn/Earth/Grounding,  Fall/Metal/Gathering

                                                                    Emotion-G R I E F = G uilt R idden I E xpress F ailure

Emotions create Health and Healing

Instead of being, believing or perceiving the above re actions, learn to feel your way to the 
reality that life happens for us and each challenge is a key to the doorway of appreciating the evolving journey mirrored and guided by our relationships.

 Fear changes to Courage,

Anger changes to Freedom and Patience,

Chaos changes to Passion,

Worry and Blaming Others changes to Close Connection,

Guilt/Blaming Self changes into Self Worth and Kindness

How you are feeling right now?

Consider your feelings as an essential source of energy..

Feel the “ physical sensations” that accompany your emotions.

Instead of words like angry, jealous, sad, or happy, feel..warm? cold? tight? expansive ? constricted…. perceive sensations.

ALSO, where in your body you feel these physical sensations.


Is there any part of your body that is calling your attention? Take a look inside and scan your body…. from your head to your feet right or left. Is there uncomfortability….. anywhere. Or if you are feeling comfortable, what does that feel like? Describe an area of your body that calls your attention   —-t

he location…. Where, and what physical sensations are you are experiencing in this moment. ……… Do you feel cold? Hot? – Does your feeling have a size? – Small, large, narrow, heavy, light is there a shape,

an action, a movement or is it still? Constriction? Expansion? Listen and feel ……. ………………..

This is the nature of our work- scan your feelings and let them flow…….

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