EMOTIONAL HEALING – 5 E.E.T.T. 5 Element Emotional Transformation Technique

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Would you like to use the energy of your emotions to accomplish your goals and life desires? Are you willing to consider that the body mind spirit will develop according to the way you experience your feelings? Would you like to know how your emotions are reflections of the earth’s seasonal cycles?If so, read on…..

It is common to hear people say how important it is to express our emotions or how a particular problem is rooted in their emotions. We intuitively know how powerful our emotions are, yet to date, there are relatively very few people who know how to consciously use emotions to enhance their vitality and healing abilities.

Emotions, based on some variation of our most primal extreme experiences—fear or love, trigger chemical and neurological reactions in the mid brain that simultaneously stimulate our behavior. E.g. Hearing a loud noise from behind could constrict the shoulders and stimulate an immediate reaction to run away. Watching a child’s first step creates a smile and a warm sensation in one’s chest that stimulates bonding.

While digestion of food may require several minutes and even hours to provide the body with fuel, emotions energize us immediately.

Emotions, unlike O2 or Food are a source of energy located INSIDE us.They also far more powerful than thoughts.release-emotions_by_dajno

How often have you acted “emotionally” even though your sense of “logic and reason” told you that a particular behavior would be counter productive or even harmful? Indulging in extremes cravings for food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes money, and sex are some of the most common examples. Even when we stop to ask ourselves-

does my choice bring me closer to my dreams or move me further away, Intentions powered on thoughts alone are no match for emotionally charged patterns. Crimes and all violent behaviors are the result of passionate emotions overruling our sense of logic and reason.

It is amazing how there is so little education on how to use feelings for energy rather than letting emotions use us. Yes, not knowing how to let emotions circulate in our body allows the circumstances that initiate these feelings to control us.

Surface emotional descriptions and behaviors like anger, jealousy, guilt, detachment, substance abuse, pleasing others, depression etc. are often symptomatic automatic behaviors that are responded to like a ship’s navigator viewing the tip of an iceberg. The navigator first feels a burst of adrenaline and steers away because he/she knows that below the surface lies a huge source of danger and pain.

Unlike a dangerous iceberg, steering/running away from fears is often a dysfunctional pattern rooted in the brain’s powerful chemical and neurological codes. Repetition of these behaviors over and over creates an addiction to the sudden energy received from a behavior pattern that works against the evolution of the soul. These surface emotional energy patterns are like a quick sugar or alcohol fix that provides an immediate burst of energy followed by a low that results in the depletion of vital energy affecting body mind spirit.

We have been programmed to run away from danger as a survival mechanism. While useful in rare occasions, we unfortunately in the face of fear and doubt have created many behaviors that allow us to run away too often from the deeper potential our e motions are here to stimulate. The result: e motions from the Latin-meaning outward movement get stuck or frozen inside the body.

Superficial emotions are familiar, often addictive patterns or “re actions” – repeated actions that keep us from moving ahead by externalizing our experience instead of using them to energize the internal organs or to melt accumulated stagnation from the past.

For example, if John expresses displeasure of Sally’s actions, Sally may immediately change her behavior to please him and avoid going inward to feel (and circulate) her own deeper emotions.

Unlike a ship at sea, when we move closer to the unknown depths of our emotions, we take an essential step in experiencing the core of our inner nature. It may be also useful to consider that like the iceberg, beneath the tip of our surface behaviors, there may be a huge body of cold emotional hardness waiting to be felt, melted and transformed into a flowing energy source.

Stuck e motions are constricted frozen places that want to be melted. They are cold and they crave heat. What substances supply heat? Fat, sugar, cysts and stones are attracted to us by the body’s natural need to feed, insulate, or protect parts of our body and soul that are stagnated/frozen.

All the intellectual knowledge in the world is no match for the powerful emotional drives that motivate addictive behavior. Deep constriction in the body will motivate us to be drawn to behaviors (vacations, spending sprees, busy-ness, overworking, hyperactivity, sarcasm, or foods and substances) that distract or relax us briefly, instead of feeling and using the energy of deeper emotions. Why avoid them? FEAR of the Unknown.

Bravely exploring and surrendering to our emotions is the key to transforming our lives at the source- our inner being. Being vulnerable, i.e. being more comfortable with being uncomfortable is the key that opens a door to the workings of the soul.


Am I being authentic in honoring the

desires of my soul

or am I being artificial/counterfeit in order to

stay in control?

The drama of being angry, persecuted,sad, different, to blame or be blamed, etc. takes us out of our bodies and externalizes our experience instead of letting down our guard, going within, surrendering and opening to vulner ( Latin= wound)ability which leads to e motional intimacy.

Can we learn to change our addictive patterns and use emotions to heal ourselves? Emotional Healing will take us to the roots of our feelings. When our roots fully circulate energy, like the leaves, branches and fruits of a tree, every cell and vibration in our body mind and spirit will be fully nourished.

5 Principles of Taking Response Ability

The following, provide 5 guiding principles to outline an attitude for assuming

“Response Ability”.

 1) My personal choices attract life circumstances that are absolutely perfect.

Circumstances occur be cause of choices we have made.

2) Every circumstance is an opportunity to improve and enrich my life.

It is important to stop judging, and instead, exercise kindness and forgiveness to our selves and any “other” that has participated in the creation of our life circumstances. Feeling the sensations generated by our emotions will lead us to experience

Gratitude- the graceful attitude, the silver lining in every cloud.

3) I have the skills necessary to transform every challenge into a soul enhancing experience.

BE willing to utilize feelings as a source of energy and wisdom. Access to this internal power is available to us at any time.

4) Reverence for Life + Feelings + Thoughts + Actions = Beneficial Change

When our will is fueled by the reverent power of our feelings; thoughts, words and all our actions create transformation that affects us at the root of our existence. In turn, every branch of our physical, mental and spiritual growth is also affected. Reverence maintains that our personal changes will nourish others as well as ourselves.

  • Intuition is the force that will guide us in making life-improving decisions.

Faith, trust and love for life motivate our knowing of how to feel the awareness of genuine truths. BE conscious of choices that move us closer or further from the well being of our body mind spirit

1) Our method teaches us to first experience emotions as a body sensation instead of as a word.

Fear anger, anxiety, betrayal and guilt are mere intellectual descriptions of a body sensation that is unique to the feeler. How you are feeling right now? Do the following exercise anytime and especially when you are being challenged in a relationship with an other.

Consider your feelings as an essential source of energy..

Feel the “ physical sensations” that accompany your emotions.

Instead of words like angry, jealous, sad, or happy you may also feel..warm? cold? tight? expansive ? constricted…. Feel free to perceive sensations.

2) ALSO, where in your body you feel these physical sensations.

Is there any part of your body that is calling your attention? Take a look inside and scan your body…. from your head to your feet right or left. Is there uncomfortability anywhere. Or if you are feeling comfortable, what does that feel like? Describe an area of your body that calls your attention the location…. Where, and what physical sensations are you are experiencing in this moment. Do you feel cold? Hot? – Does your feeling have a size? – Small, large, narrow, heavy, light is there a shape/an action, a movement or is it still? Constriction? Expansion? Listen and feel. The nature of this work involves scanning our body to both feel and transform the physical sensations of our feelings through each of the Five Eotional Seasons: Detachment/Courage, Anger/Patience, Anxiety/Passion, Judging others/ Deepening closeness, Judging Self/Forgiveness.

These emotional descriptions are linked to the Ancient Chinese model of the 5 Movements/Seasons/Elements which affect all of our internal organs and body systems.

Understanding one’s seasonal patterns integrates our lives with the infinitely available energy of nature.

 The Subconscious Element:

All of us have hidden unknown sub conscious patterns that require transformation and creative /abstract methods are the only way to access and alter these subconscious patterns.

Affirmations corresponding to the 5 seasons like the ones below are one of the ways we send messages to our subconscious in order to heal at a deeper level than just our surface conscious desires.

I am willing to feel     how each moment is a doorway… to enhancing my vitality… through the transformation of challenging emotions. (Repeat while breathing and feeling your inner body)

Every choice I make will bring heightened awareness, health and vitality to my life

I am willing to go into my emotions… to transform my shadows and fears… into the light of courageous living. This feeling of strength and adaptability… guides my life path. (Flowing movement/ Winter/ Water Element)

We optimize sleep through accessing the trance state, apply breathing, sounds, toning, movement and chi exercises to access the subconscious as well as tune the body to become a quality instrument, mastercrafted to receive and transmit energy.


Emotions as Transformation

Between the contraction of fear and the openness to courage and love lies our ability to ride the edge of emotional transformation.


When you say those wild words, when you look that worrisome way, when you sound your hellish horn……..


IN my combined effort

of resistance to distance and surrender to my internal weather –

I become a conductor-electrical music runs through me,

a transformer from a siring self to a soothing soul…

fill   lament

Goodbye: Positve Negative

Cathode Anode

Good Bad

Right Wrong

Goodbye original sin of separation

I welcome the union of heaven and earth

Feel the light shine through me beyond the tip of my emotional iceberg

melting me at the core of delusions

I am now receiving/expressing completely

I welcome every opportunity to experience, feel, be one ~ infinite love

In Emotional Healing classes and private sessions, participants learn to integrate feelings for healing with Seymour’s 5 Element adaptation of effective communication models like Active Listening, Byron Katie’s power of no, and Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent communication method.

Would you like to learn how to tap into the energy of emotions and use them for healing your health and relationships? Would you like to experience the workings of your unique emotional body? Would youlike to integraate your emotionalbody with the seasons of the year? Would you like to access, transform and create harmony in both your conscious and sub conscious life patterns?

Seymour Koblin- Director, Founder, Instructor and Practitioner at School of Healing Arts in Pacific Beach www.isoharts.com – Come to our FREE Miraculous Mondays for Free Lecture and Massages.


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